Entering the World of Fat Quarters and the Art of Scrap Quilting

If you are into needlework, you will find quilts as having a timeless appeal, rustic yet very meaningful. And, when you decide to embark on a scrap quilting mission, it is always a lot better to go for fat quarters or even fat eighths instead of the typical quarter or eighth yard fabrics. Capitalizing on the larger dimensions of the fabric, typically measuring 18 x 22 inches compared to the typical 9 x 44 inches, you will have greater leeway in your creations.fat_quarters1

The trick to becoming successful in the art of scrap quilting is for you to forget all about colour coordination. What you should strive for, however, is the value of the different colours. You need to strike spectacular contrasts among the different patches. You need to create a mental image of how the different fabric prints and designs will fit in the puzzle. Scrap quilting can be a great hobby for anyone. Sewing machines for beginners can be bought from reputable online stores to help you start on your scrap-quilting project. The trick to scrap quilting is to let your imagination fly, to be creative, and to never limit yourself to the rules of colours and patterns. Do what you think will be pleasing to the eyes.

Now, in choosing the best quilt fabric, you need to consider variety. You can search online for stores that provide scrap fabrics at significantly larger dimensions than the traditional cuts. Many online stores have stashes of scrap fabric in their inventory so you will never really run out of choices. One good way to start is for you to purchase one design or pattern every week or so. Take everything that the shop has. Yes, even those designs or patterns that you dislike. When sewn with the rest of the fat quarters you will see that the design is not really that bad after all.

Do not forget to shop for a great variety of print types. Collect different geometric patterns, calico fabrics, floral designs, novelty prints, plaids, and stripes. Do not forget variations in colours including their shades and tones. Also, it will be wise to purchase tone-on-tone fabrics to create fantastic contrast as it can help you naturally blend the other elements of the scrap quilt. And while you are already shopping for scrap fabric, why not purchase also one of the best sewing machines the online store has to offer?

Scrap quilting is a very fulfilling project. If done correctly, who knows you might end up making more of them in your spare time. The key thing to remember is to always go for larger sizes of scrap fabric. And when it comes to choosing between fat quarters and the typical quarter yard, always choose the former. You will never go wrong.

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