About Us

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”

— Nelson Mandela

We can list down all those remarkable people we consider our heroes and everything that they said about the importance of education. But, we all know why that is of the essence so we’ll tell you why we’re here instead.about-us

Education is not and should not be limited inside the four walls of a classroom, which according to world-renowned author Mark Twain, is schooling. Education – as in learning – can be found everywhere. And today, the internet is one of those sources of learning.

Why We Do This…

We are here to provide supplementary learning to those who are in need of it.

As educators in prestigious colleges and universities in the country, with decades of experience teaching students from elementary to college, we know that a few hours with the students is not enough to give them everything they need.

That is precisely why we give home works. We want them to answer take-home quizzes on Mathematics, write essays about history or go through a literary piece at home so that they would get to practice and/or read up on important lessons which we, teachers, cannot provide while at school because the curriculum and the schedule does not allow it.

Are We a Research Site?

We’re not like Wikipedia in the sense that we have all the information every single student will need for their research. Besides, we don’t really advice that students use just Wikipedia as their resource material (but that’s another story altogether). But as educators, we have valuable tips on how students can absorb knowledge effectively and use that appropriately when needed.

We will give you tips on how to learn and not what to learn. There are so many things we can share and we are just so excited to start this journey with all students out there who are willing to learn from us.

For Our Colleagues in the Industry Too…

The desire to teach is for all those who want to nurture the minds of the future generation. This is why we are also sharing our experiences as long-time educators to our colleagues in the industry who are new in the industry or those who would like to further their skills in teaching. There is no room for selfish and egocentric goals in education. We should all work together to achieve one goal: help everyone learn.

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