What to Pack for a Kangaroo Island Getaway

kangaroo_aus2Kangaroo Island makes for a sweeping vacation experience. It offers spectacular views of the pristine coastline, picturesque cliffs, stunning rolling hills, and lush vegetation along with thrilling activities that you can do on land and water. If you are planning on an exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island, you better start arranging for the things you need to bring while preparing your itinerary. It is important that you are dressed and well prepared for every activity you want and may indulge in while you are nestled in this beautiful paradise.


The pieces of clothing you should bring with you for an exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island depends on whether you want to scuba dive or snorkel or simply walk around and appreciate the beauty of nature in this part of Australia. For spending time outdoors, make sure that you bring along a windbreaker and a sweater. Even when it is sunny, the wind blows a lot at Kangaroo Island and when it does, it brings along a cold feel.

Apart from choosing your clothing pieces wisely, you should remember to bring along suitable footwear. Hiking boots are a must since there will always be a lot of walking and little hikes that you need to do to see the sights during your exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island.

Camping Equipment

If you have a sleeping bag back home, bring it along. Even when you are checked into any of the island’s luxurious accommodation, you might still want to get out there and experience nature and the best of pristine beach Kangaroo Island at its best.

Toiletries and Other Supplies

If you can bring them in small bottles or sachets so as not eat up space in your luggage, do so. Otherwise, you can leave them out altogether and just buy your supplies once you get to the island. Penneshaw is a great stop for shopping for the basics as well as the medical supplies component of your first aid kit.

Electronic Equipment

While you cannot bring back home all the memories of your packaged getaway Kangaroo Island, you can always encapsulate them in snapshots. Make sure that your electronic equipment, from your phones and gadgets to your cameras, are well supplied with extra batteries and memory card chips. You would not want to get stressed when there are no available outlets to recharge your equipment and there is a nice view waiting for the shutter.

As with any vacation holiday, it is important that you plan and prepare. Plan your itinerary and match it by preparing the important items that you need to execute it without any hassle.

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