Why We Can’t Underestimate Education

Knowledge is power the best way to get this knowledge is through education. The importance of education in a society and the country at large can’t be underestimated because it is through education the future of a society or a nation is built. Non-traditional study programs enhance the education system, the transfer of knowledge is accelerated and better results are achieved. In most countries around the world, there is a big gap between the rich and the poor, gender inequality is also a major problem in many countries especially the developing countries, the best way to approach these problems is only through education, educating the underprivileged, and also educating both genders without bias.

non_traditionalToday education is becoming more and more accessible, and we owe this to technology. Technology has revolutionized the way the modern educating system is structured and how teaching is done. Allowing greater flexibility in the hours of learning, virtual classrooms recorded lectures and a wide reach. With technology anyone can take a class at their convenient time, this is because the classes can be held by individuals who are in any place of the world thus schedules exists for different groups and the classes are virtual, meaning online ( anyone with an internet enabled device can connect or join a class from any place in the world).

With modern education system , there are online libraries. An online library is a huge advantage to the education as resources are endless and the cost of accessing these materials is very low and one can access these materials from anywhere. The state of technology today is a major catalyst to education.

The role of education

Economic development.

Today education is one of the major resources a country can possess. With a well-educated population, a country will provide for itself with ease, the cases of unemployment will be reduced. An educated society will have its economic activities running efficiently. Trading on intellectual properties and also labor force will help a country gain foreign income which directly contributes to the growth of the economy.

A country with well educate society will also tend to have better infrastructure owing its origin from the educated society.

Employment creation.

Unemployment is an issue that has plagued all the nations of the world,a good education will lead to reduced unemployment as education will encourage entrepreneurship which will lead to job creation and elimination of the unemployment issues.

Political stability and better governance.

Education is the sure driver to better governance and political stability. An educated population will be in a position to elect leaders with integrity which will lead to better governance. Political instability has its roots in ignorance when educating the population of a country, the chances of political instability are reduced.

The importance of education is seen in every sector, from technology, health, agriculture, political and among others. Non-traditional study program has made education more accessible and has allowed a great flexibility, with this programs education is becoming what it is intended to be, something that is available to anyone without complications.

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