Take Care of Your Heart With an Expert Cardiologist

Your heart is the most important organ of your body. This is why you need to take care of it with the help of an expert electrophysiologist cardiologist. There is a lot you can learn from consulting with them.

Consulting with an electrophysiologist and cardiologist can clear up a lot of the question you have about the condition of your hear. Cardiologists are whom you go to if you have a significant heart condition or something related. This can range from regular chest pains to a shortness of breath. Cardiologists are whom people consult when they wish to recover from their heart attacks and other similar conditions. Electrophysiologists specialize in people who suffer from arrythmia, those who have an irregular heartbeat.

Fortunately, some physicians train to be an electrophysiologist and cardiologist both. Not all cardiologists become electrophysiologists, since it only requires two additional years of training. But, since cardiologists are already familiar with the heart, they often take the leap and get that additional training.

What to Expect from Cardiologists

When you consult with a cardiologist in Sydney, this means you are putting yourself in good hands. A cardiologist will always check you out with a physical exam and a review of your medical history. This includes checking the essentials of your heart: blood pressure, heartbeat, and more.

To be thorough, a Sydney cardiologist will also often give out a battery of tests on your body. This includes an echocardiogram, which will give doctors an idea of the structure and function of your heart. More complicated tests include an ambulatory ECG and an exercise test to see how your heart works in different conditions.

Some cardiologists even perform cardiac catheterization. This means inserting a small tube near your heart to take pictures and take measurements of your heart’s performance, and even remove some blockage.

Finally, though heart experts, they’re not surgeons. Some of them are just brought into consult when matters of the heart need to be discussed though, while others do only small incisions or insert pacemakers.

What to Expect from Electrophysiologists

Going to an electrophysiologist is a bit different from a cardiologist. While cardiologists focus on the heart, the arteries, and the blood vessels, electrophysiologists focus on how the heart keeps pumping and is rhythm. Sometimes, this rhythm is disrupted by a variety of factors like a heart attack or something similar. Electrophysiologists can detect this problem and solve it by a variety of approaches. An irregular heart can cause you physical difficulties like fainting and shortness of breath.

Whether you’re recovering from a heart attack or are feeling unwell, the help of a skilled electrophysiologist and cardiologist is essential.

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