Every Day is Valentine’s Day at the Beach

If you and your partner are desperate of finding some way to bring the fire back into your love live, one vacation may be all you need in order to accomplish this. And what destination is better than the beach? If you are ready, an accommodation in Lombok is already waiting for the both of you. Before you say nope, here are some of the reasons why the beach is the best place to add some spark of romance into your relationship.

You can walk down the beach together

If you have not held hands for some time now, a special place like Gili Trawangan has this strange way of making lovers behave differently towards each other. Peaceful places like the beach make you want to be good to one another. A walk on the beach while holding hands may make you remember the special times you had together.

It’s an excuse to pamper each other

Renting an accommodation in Lombok offers you the ability to have a nice swim together with that of your partner, either at the pool or at the beach. Either way, it would give you the excuse to pamper your partner with some SPF lotion. Your partner will definitely take the cue and will gladly return the favor. Don’t you think this is really fun?

Both of you will feel refreshed

Just imagine this – you and your partner will be leaving your cares behind for several days. No work to think of, not even the kids, or other everyday nuances that you normally deal with on regular days. It would be just you and your partner, taking in the nice scenery at some Gili Islands accommodation. It’s amazing how leaving your problems behind can make you think clearer or even kinder to that of your partner, something that could help lighten up the tension that has developed between the two of you.

The beach is a great dance floor

Now this may not be for the shy one, but hey, you are foreigner to begin with so no one will recognize you at the beach while you are staying in an accommodation in Gili Trawangan. You can take this chance to get the hand of your partner, play some music with your cell phone, and share a romantic dance while the waves are touching your feet.

Where To Find The Best Beaches for Lovers?

Indonesia’s Bali is one. But for lovers who want the extra privacy, an accommodation in Lombok may be a better choice.

If you are in the mood to have a romantic escape with your significant other or partner, take the Gilis. Book your stay with http://www.giliislandsaccommodation.com.au/.

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