Effective teaching strategies to improve students performance

The K-12 teaching strategy is a teaching method different from normal teaching methods in most schools. It involves students working on given assignments which will give them an opportunity to develop their thinking skills in learning. The students will be required to revise the materials that they have already been taught.

The main advantage of this teaching method is that it gives the children a practical way of understanding what is being taught, and it helps teachers to give individual attention to their students. Teachers will be providing the necessary guide to the children and give them an opportunity to learn by themselves. The children therefore will rely on their thinking abilities to get the best out of the class work, with discussion method mostly encouraged.

K12There are a number of ways that teachers can apply this method of teaching and enable the students to achieve the most out of the class work. The first method is using the project based teaching. This is where the teacher allows the students to learn using projects. The students will be applying the skills they have learned in class into the practical manner. For example when teaching the students about research skills in class, the teacher is required to give them a project based o the skills they learned in class. They can be allowed to work in groups of two while applying the content and knowledge about doing research and writing a research project. They should be encouraged to inquire about whatever thing they are not aware off by asking questions based on their thinking skills. However,it should begin from simple projects before advancing to the more complex ones. At each stage students should be encouraged to participate and grow their social skills.

The next method which teachers can apply is the use of materials that the students can easily identify with. This teaching strategy involves applying the modern examples and using the modern materials that the students interact with on a daily basis. The students will be familiar with the materials and will understand the concepts quickly. For example most students nowadays are used to the Internet, and the Internet related gadgets such as the computers and smart phones. They know more about video gaming, chatting and browsing, and therefore giving examples related to this will get them involved and will capture their attention. However the lessons should achieve a certain objective at the end of the lesson. Using this method will provide an opportunity for the children to discuss and give their minds concerning an issue, because they have encountered it in one way or another. After the lesson is over, the student will be thinking about whatever they have learned n the class during that lesson.

The last teaching method that teachers can apply is to consider the attention span of the students. This tip involves using examples that are of real life while teaching and not just theoretical or abstract examples. For example when teaching about a subject like biology, the teacher should use examples of the illnesses such as HIV/AIDS that the pupils are familiar with.

In conclusion therefore, K-12 teaching tips are more about getting the students in a classroom to develop their own academic abilities, together with getting them improve on the social skills through discussion and asking questions.

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