Achieving Gorgeous Bridal Make-Up

Every woman would certainly want to look her best on her wedding day. With the big white dress and shoes to match, the wedding make-up should be perfect to complete the bride’s flawless look. Bridal preparations and celebrations have piled up and surely, your bill’s getting longer by the day. Why hire a make-up artist who would add to your expenses when you can pull off a gorgeous look on your own?

the-bride-1314636-639x426It’s pressuring to know that you consciously have to look stunning at every angle for every shot. But, don’t be traumatized at this idea since there are many easy tips and steps to make your face glow on your special day.

There are many dos and ‘don’ts on how to achieve a bridal beauty look. The first commandment on many wedding blogs is to pamper your skin by beginning with a facial routine. Being diligent in cleansing and moisturizing your face will produce a better texture, making it easier for the cosmetics to last the entire day. Thin and even layers of primer, foundation, and powder applied will help the color hold up throughout the wedding and reception.

Knowing your best features is also a plus. If your eyes are an asset, it’s great to highlight them with clean and defined jet-black eyeliners. Applying color in the creases up to the lids followed by curling the lashes accented with mascara would help your eyes pop out even more. To add radiance to your facial structure, luminizers or bronzers are tapped over the cheekbones to make sure they stand out.

It’s also important that your wedding make-up must match your skin tone. Choose your palettes and match them with your hair and eyes as well. Don’t go overboard in coloring your face – now is not the time to experiment. A more timeless look such as rosy cheeks and radiant skin usually does the trick.

Don’t settle for cheap cosmetics. If you’re cost cutting, try to ask your peers, relatives, or wedding planner who can recommend someone to do your make-up. This is a woman’s most awaited day and you ought to indulge yourself even for a bit. It’s time to appear captivating in wedding photos and cutting back on quality products just wouldn’t do.

These are just some ideas that you can apply in order to achieve the best wedding make-up. Keep in mind that you don’t only have to say “I do”, you should also make them say “Wow.”

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